Top 3 Time-Management Tools for Busy Freelance Writers

We’ve all heard the saying, “time is money,” but for a freelance writer, this is more than a saying. Every second and minute matters to freelancers and time can either add to or detract from earnings.

After all, every hour wasted on Facebook, paying bills or even just looking for new clients and projects is time that could have been spent working, making money to spend or put away in savings.

Because of this, it’s important we freelancers are good at time management. Better yet, it’s VITAL we’re good at it.

If you want to have a profitable career and you don’t want to work yourself to the bone to do it, managing your time properly is key.

Fortunately, there are a number of tools that can help you do that and make managing your time easier.

1. Google Calendar

It sounds simple and obvious, but Google Calendar is the single, hands-down best tool you can use as a freelance writer. It lets you see your deadlines, appointments and obligations all in one handy place, and you can access it with any device you own – your phone, e-reader, tablet or computer. You can also color code by client, and share calendars with others you might be working with. Its alert functions are also hugely helpful when you have deadlines looming!

2. “Rescue Time”

Rescue Time does just what its name suggests: It helps you determine where and how you’re losing time so you can be more efficient and more profitable. This unique tool will track how much time you spend on certain activities such as reading a blog, surfing Twitter or watching Netflix. By monitoring your activity, you can gain insight into what’s keeping you from your full potential – and change it fast!

3. “Oh Don’t Forget”

Most of us get thousands and thousands of emails a day, so as nice as email reminders are, they sometimes can get lost in the shuffle. “Oh Don’t Forget” fixes all that. Instead of using email to keep you on track, it uses text messages. It can text you about that deadline you have later today, the call you scheduled with your client or even just your afternoon to-do list. Whatever you need a reminder for, “Oh Don’t Forget” can handle it.

Proper time management can mean the difference between a difficult, low-earning freelance writing career and a smoother, high-earning one. There are specific time-management techniques that work for writers, and in the Freelance Profit Academy, six-figure writer, Maggie Linders, teaches you all of her proven time-management strategies. She also teaches you how to start, build, and maintain a successful, long-term freelance writing career and provides personal coaching and support. Learn more about the Freelance Profit Academy.    Send article as PDF